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— July 27th, 2019 —

A new solo exhibition announcment! 

— June 20th, 2019 —

Major announcment. Toms Harjo is now represented by VV Foundation.

— June 18th, 2019 —

Music video for the Latvian band EZERI.

Directed, edited and filmed by Toms Harjo. Idea by Toms Harjo & Miķelis Putniņš.

— June 5th, 2019 —

Directed by Toms Harjo. Filmed and edited by Toms Harjo & Lotta Harjo.

Eva Saukāne is a Latvian photographer who focuses on historical photo and video archives, family albums and found photography. In her latest project Mets she turns to the unrealised Riga metro project.

— May, 2019 —

Directed by Toms Harjo. Filmed and edited by Toms Harjo & Lotta Harjo.

Latvian photographer Elīna Semane candidly documents her daily life, which is affected by complicated mutual relationships, mood swings, addiction to social networks and drive for constant self-representation. She uses her Instagram stories, performance and analog photography to create a portrait of Generation Z.

— March, 2019 —

Directed, filmed and edited by Toms Harjo. Produced by Gilles Bonnevialle.

A ballet dancer Silvère Jarrosson in his final year of Paris Ballet School of the Opéra gets a hip replacement surgery and has his life turned upside down.

— November, 2018 —

Directed by Toms Harjo. Filmed by Toms Harjo, Arnis Balčus, Lotta Harjo. Edited by Toms Harjo & Lotta Harjo.

Georgs Avetisjans (1985) is a Latvian photographer, who addresses his roots in his projects so rich in textual and visual details – either the seaside village Kaltene, where he comes from, or Armenia, to which his father’s family is related.

— September, 2018 —

News! During summer a contest of 300 people has taken place and 18 students have been selected to become part of The New Riga Therate Study. I feel honored to be part of the group and to study dramatic theatre acting for the next 4 years.

Photography, video and design projects and collaborations are NOT on hold and are continuing as before!

— May, 2018 —

Fashion photographer Kasia Bielska reveals the behind the scenes of her work

— June, 2018 —

Graphic design for urban development programme Kompass.

During the month of June we created visual form for KOMPASS — event programme that promotes urban development, neighbour collaboration strategies etc.

Booklet is designed to easily fit into a wallet and by visiting events, you collect stamps, that can later be turned into prizes.

Source of inspiration: cutting mat.

— August 30th, 2018 —

Rafal Milach — Awareness of the Contemporary

March, 28th, 2018. Protest in Warsaw.

— February 8th, 2018 —

Solo exhibition!

Opening: February 15th, 7PM, KIM? (Skolas 2, Riga)

Show is on until March 31st.

— January 25th, 2018 —

Even though the title for the interview is a little towards the dramatic, an excerpt of my series In the Truth is published on Fotoroom. This has been the most clarifying text I’ve written about the project that touches on the basis and the background of images.

Read Here

— January 15th, 2018 —

Vika Eksta — How to Make a Self-Portrait

Early November I directed a short on artist Vika Eksta. Today FK Magazine launched it. Take a look!

— November 23rd, 2017 —

Series In the Truth exhibited in Lisbon (Part of European photography platform Parallel). Works installed in a shape of a heptagon - a multifaceted portrait, which can be walked around and read both directions.

— October 27th, 2017 —

Short movie Vēršanās was premiered during event Sansusī Vakars Rīgā.
Blending everyday perormaces with music at Sansusī 2017 with the help of composer Linda Leimane.

— October 14th, 2017 —

Series In the Truth exhibited in Paris (part of JCE Biennale).
Opening of group exhibition in Le Beffroi, Montrouge.

— September 16th, 2017 —

4 Latvian and 4 British poets translating each other's poems.

— September 12th, 2017 —

One of my favourite video projects I've worked on.  


— August 13th, 2017 —

Photographic portrayal of chamber music festival Sansusi

— July 31st, 2017 —

High School Graduate Yearbook 2017

Avoiding the academically decorative aesthetics of yearbooks, we made an issue, which focuses on the relationship between the graduate and his school. Environment, which, being a bearer of unique memories and feelings, changes in the pace of graduates themselves. In the result of this interaction, I have documented traces (relationships, handwritings, reflections motivated by laziness etc), which may not seem instantly glorifying, but are genuine. This is a diary of a graduate.

— July 17th, 2017 —

Narrative on Belarus photographer Siarhiej Leskiec and the presence of trains.

— July 2nd, 2017 —

Riga Photomonth 2017 retrospect

A look back on the events of Riga Photomonth 2017

— June 21st, 2017 —

Making of HomoNovus (2017)

Behind the scenes shooting for an upcoming Latvian movie HomoNovus.

— June 13th, 2017 —

Series In the Truth is featured in Russian magazine of visual culture Bird In Flight.

Russian | English

— May 30th, 2017 —

Group exhibition Draught (Caurvējš) is open until June 22nd. This is the first exhibition for my series In the Truth (Patiesībā).

(1) Poster: Toms Harjo from series In the Truth (2) Poster installation at Dzirnavu 27, Riga (3) Photo from the opening of the exhibition (Photo: Arnis Balcus)

— May 28th, 2017 —

Latvian Poet Semyon Khanin on Introverts

Part of video series #iamintrovert 

— May 22nd, 2017 —

The second video from Belarus series! 
Video on artist Alexandra Soldatova, who portrays complicated topics in not too serious manner and finds inspiration by watching her daughter play with a camera.

Project in cooperation with FK Magazine

— April 8th, 2017 —

Project In the Truth is the winner of Open kim? Call 2018!

Solo exhibition is upcoming in early 2018 in kim? Contemporary Art Centre.

— April 7th, 2017 —

Project In the Truth is the winner of Jeune Creation Europeenne Biennale 2017/2019!

Exhibitions accross 9 countries of Europe are planned throughout 2017 to 2019.

— March 27th, 2017 —

The first video from the trip to Belarus! 
It is a remark on how complicated it is to talk about the history and the representation of a place depicted by mass media. Just as our personalities and decisions, cities and countries are led by multifaceted narratives. This video is about the way photography can help to discover, embrace and tell the layered stories in non-literal way.

Project in cooperation with FK Magazine

— February 16th, 2017 —

Short film on photography as a way of therapy featuring Latvian artist Kristīne Madjare!

Project in cooperation with FK Magazine

— January 27, 2017 —

Short film on the synthesis of long night-time strolls and photography featuring Latvian artist Alnis Stakle!

Project in cooperation with FK Magazine

— January 20, 2017 —

Booklet, poster design and layout for Riga Film museum event Kino Lektorijs (Lectures on Film)

— January 11, 2017 —

Short film on the value of silence and time in photography featuring Lithuanian artist Gintautas Trimakas!

A project in cooperation with FK Magazine

– December 11, 2016 –

The emotional dynamics of watching a movie graphically visualized as cardiograms in a new book on probably the most iconic Latvian filmmaker - Jānis Streičs!

Author: Daira Āboliņa 

Book design & layout: Katrīna Vasiļevska

Movie cardiogram design: Toms Harjo

— December 2, 2016 —

Coverage of the release of Latvian filmmaker Jānis Streičs' book - Jāņa Streiča maģiskais reālisms

— November 21, 2016 —

Short film on rock'n'roll in photography featuring artist Roman Korovin!

A project in cooperation with FK Magazine

— November 2, 2016 —

Short Documentary on Artist Aurelija Maknyte

A project in cooperation with FK Magazine

— October 17, 2016 —

Short Documentary on Artist Flo Kasearu

A project in cooperation with FK Magazine

— October 14, 2016 —

Newspaper Druva on my exhibition Invisible Guards

Click for larger version!

— October 11, 2016 —

Hidden Guards exhibited in gallery Raunas vārti, Cēsis.

It consists of anonymous portraits of behind the scenes workers. The light throughout the day shifts, so some of the workers can be seen only at a particular time of the day.

— October 6, 2016 —

Starting October 11 my series Hidden Guards will be exhibited in the windows of Riga Street, Cēsis.

— August 12, 2016 —

Meaning of Time in Sansusi

— August 12, 2016 —

Riga of Jānis Streičs





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