Toms Harjo


In the Truth / Patiesībā (2016 - Ongoing)

In the modern, secular world faith in a creator of the universe can be met with skepticism and ridicule. Jehovah's Witnesses are known for their public witnessing of the message of the Bible. In the Truth is a self-reflective narrative about a life as a Jehovah’s Witness — a person and his attempts on finding his way through youth years, dealing with fear of alienation, which result in a search of balance between doubts and vivacious conviction.
How much are we willing to give in order to approach, look over or adjust the inner borders, which have been placed by ourselves?
"In the Truth". An expression used by Jehovah's Witnesses referring to people, who share their religious views. For instance by asking somebody "Is she in the truth" the person is actually asking "Is she a Jehovah's Witness".

Exhibitions & Shows

— 2017 —

May 11th — May 14th. Book dummy exhibited at Self Publish Riga.

May 13th. Part of Riga Photomonth 2017 show Projection Facts and Clarifications.

May 20th. Part of Latvian representers of ISSP in projection show PLURAL organized by EFTI in Madrid, Spain.

May 30th — June 22nd. ISSP Group exhibition Draught.

June 7th — June 30th. Solo exhibition in the Central Library of Cēsis, Latvia.

October 14th — November 3rd. Group Exhibition in Le Beffroi, Montrouge in Paris, France. Part of Jeune Creation Europeenne Biennale.

— 2018 —

February 15th — March 31st. Solo exhibition at kim? Contemporary Art Centre in Riga, Latvia.

Hidden Guards (2016)

Series Hidden Guards consists of anonymous portraits of people, who are working behind the scenes of our lives.

Exhibited in the windows of Raunas vārti, Cēsis, where the light throughout the day shifts, so some of the workers could be seen only at a particular time of the day.

Commisioned Work

Chamber music festival Sansusi (2017)

Photographic portrayal of borderless stages and landscapes of Sansusi

Making of Homo Novus (2017)

Behind the scenes shooting for an upcoming Latvian movie Homo Novus.

High School Graduation Yearbook (2017)

Environmental portraits of students in Riga Hanza High School

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