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In the Truth / Patiesībā (2016 - 2019)

In the Truth* tackles a theme of a person’s desire of belonging and his relationship with faith and religion. Efforts of living in harmony with the Bible in a world that is vastly secular minded. The willingness of maintaining spiritual and moral cleanness in dialogue with an emotional distance towards the majority of who are not in “the truth”. This is a search for equilibrium between doubts and vivacious conviction, between the self and the other, between solitude and belonging.

*The locative noun “truth” among Jehovah’s Witnesses colloquially represents an intangible space owned by the members of the faith. For example, the question “is she in the truth” means – “is she a Jehovah’s Witness?” 

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Hidden Guards (2016)

Series Hidden Guards consists of anonymous portraits of people, who are working behind the scenes of our lives.

Exhibited in the windows of Raunas vārti, Cēsis, where the light throughout the day shifts, so some of the workers could be seen only at a particular time of the day.

Commisioned Work

Chamber music festival Sansusi (2017)

Photographic portrayal of borderless stages and landscapes of Sansusi

High School Graduation Yearbook (2018)

I shot portraits of high school graduates and their teachers. Students were given the freedom of choosing where, with whom and how they want to be portrayed within the territory of school. Each student gave an experience in the form of a text, which later was placed in the yearbook exactly in the way it was written including spelling and punctuation mistakes.

Teachers were photographed in their own work environment and were asked to dedicate a reflection to students about a statement - “a mistake that should be made”.

Making of Homo Novus (2017)

Behind the scenes shooting for Latvian movie Homo Novus.

High School Graduation Yearbook (2017)

Environmental portraits of students in Riga Hanza High School

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