Toms Harjo

Ezeri - ārā

Music video for the Latvian band EZERI.

Directed, edited and filmed by Toms Harjo. Idea by Toms Harjo & Miķelis Putniņš.

Anda Magone - Too Beautiful to Photograph

Directed by Toms Harjo. Filmed by Toms Harjo & Arnis Balčus. Edited by Toms Harjo.

Latvian photographer Anda Magone’s (1971) works are focused on mundane subjects such as family, friends and nature. She usually works in the black-and-white analogue photography technique, not being afraid to reveal herself and people close to her in intimate atmosphere.

Eva Saukāne - From Riga Suburbs to Riga Metro

Directed by Toms Harjo. Filmed and edited by Toms Harjo & Lotta Harjo.

Eva Saukāne is a Latvian photographer who focuses on historical photo and video archives, family albums and found photography. In her latest project Mets she turns to the unrealised Riga metro project.

Egīls Rozenbergs. Transfigurācija

Directed and shot by Toms Harjo. Produced by Gilles Bonnevialle.

How tapestry for Egīls was the medium to avoid censorship during the regime of Soviet Union.

Elīna Semane - Provocation & Self-Representation

Directed by Toms Harjo. Filmed and edited by Toms Harjo & Lotta Harjo.

Latvian photographer Elīna Semane candidly documents her daily life, which is affected by complicated mutual relationships, mood swings, addiction to social networks and drive for constant self-representation. She uses her Instagram stories, performance and analog photography to create a portrait of Generation Z.

Silvère Jarrosson - Entry Into the Movement

A ballet dancer Silvère Jarrosson in his final year of Paris Ballet School of the Opéra gets a hip replacement surgery and has his life turned upside down.

Directed and shot by Toms Harjo. Produced by Gilles Bonnevialle.

Georgs Avetisjans

I directed and shot a video about Kaltene - the longest village in Latvia.

Rafal Milach — Awareness of the Contemporary

March, 28th, 2018. Protest in Warsaw.

Kasia Bielska — How to Shoot Fashion

Behind the scenes of iconic still lifes and portraits of Kasia Bielska. 

Vika Eksta — How to Make a Self-Portrait

Early November, 2017 I directed a short on artist Vika Eksta. Today FK Magazine launched it. Take a look!

Poetry Workshop in Riga

4 Latvian and 4 British poets translating each other's poems.


Short movie Vēršanās was premiered during event Sansusī Vakars Rīgā.
Blending everyday perormaces with music at Sansusī 2017 with the help of composer Linda Leimane.

Kārlis Bergs - Falling in Love With a Photobook

One of my favourite video projects I've worked on.  

Siarhiej Leskiec - Building Ways

Narrative on Belarus photographer Siarhiej Leskiec and the presence of trains.

Latvian Poet Semyon Khanin on Introverts

Part of video series #iamintrovert 

Riga Photomonth 2017 retrospect

A look back on the events of Riga Photomonth 2017

Alexandra Soldatova - Photography as a Game

The second video from Belarus series! 
Video on artist Alexandra Soldatova, who portrays complicated topics in not too serious manner and finds inspiration by watching her daughter play with a camera.

Project in cooperation with FK Magazine

Andrei Liankevich - Photography as Research

The first video from the trip to Belarus! 
It is a remark on how complicated it is to talk about the history and the representation of a place depicted by mass media. Just as our personalities and decisions, cities and countries are led by multifaceted narratives. This video is about the way photography can help to discover, embrace and tell the layered stories in non-literal way.

Project in cooperation with FK Magazine

Kristīne Madjare - Photography as Meditation

Short film on photography as a way of therapy featuring Latvian artist Kristīne Madjare!

Project in cooperation with FK Magazine

Alnis Stakle - Night Landscape Photography

Short film on the synthesis of long night-time strolls and photography featuring Latvian artist Alnis Stakle!

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